Sunday, September 22, 2013

now available in metric: measuring tape growth chart!

Hey friends! I designed a version of this growth chart a while back, and put it up for sale in my Spoonflower shop and on Etsy.

Well, good news for those of you who operate on the metric system; I've designed a version just for you!

Just as on the original, the background is an enlarged antique linen print.

You can check it out over on Spoonflower and Etsy, available for purchase now as either unfinished fabric or a finished growth chart. You can even see my previous blog entry with instructions on how to assemble it.

 Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 20, 2013

big fun at halloween!

We were browsing the Halloween stuff at Target this week and ran across a fabulous display of costume wigs made of foam. It's pretty amazing stuff. Simple designs made of built up layers.

 They look better in person and on Chris March's website than they do in my cell phone pics (I can sometimes get some nice shots outside, but everything gets washed out indoors). So after you take a look at the rest of these photos, pop over to Chris's site to see them in actual color.

I remembered Chris's work on Project Runway as soon as his site loaded up. The Big Fun collection is pretty much perfectly him.

 If I had more space in my house I'd buy one; they're pretty reasonably priced (under $20). But there's no way I'd be able to throw it out after the holiday. I'd just want to keep it, and, well, with the Kermit and Fozzie heads from Halloween last year, the Wild Thing head from Halloween two years ago, and the birthday robot from the kiddo's birthday party all still hanging around, it's already looking a bit backstage 'round here.

So you, go forth and be my proxy. Add one to your Halloween get-up (it'll be way cooler than some faux-hair thing your cat will be coughing up bits of a week later). And then frame it or something, because each of these designs is pretty damn fantastic.

Thanks for reading!

p.s. no pay or perks, here; I just like cool things made from simple materials.